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As anyone will tell you presentation is eight tenths of any sale or winning new business. A well designed, contemporary looking website is critical to the success of your online presence. Today most people will visit your website before they call you, visit your store or office. The visual appeal and useability of your website will dramatically effect their decision to do business with you.

Geneve Technology partners with the following professional and innovate design agencies:



Design services that delve deeper than pure aesthetics.

Geneve Technology has been working closely with coreBean to provide clients across a range of industries with design services that involve more than just putting pretty pictures on the screen.

Before you begin working with us, we work with you to understand your business and therefore your needs. We ensure the project solution provides return on investment and a better bottom line for your business.

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Kristyn Jones

Kristyn Jones provides innovative and different web design solutions. Her aim is to communicate the uniqueness of the client’s brands to their public and to simply  develop websites that work.

Kristyn doesn't offer templated websites, as she believes every client has individual requirements and each project is distinctive. 

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Why good web design is important

Having a website is a great way for your business to connect with new customers. Unfortunately while building a website has brought instant success for some businesses, it has the potential to be an absolute disaster for others.

Poor website design is often the primary reason for a website’s failure. This is because it fails to engage the user. We show you how to identify poor web design and how to apply best practice web design principles.



Geneve Technology was established in 1998 to deliver high quality hosted content management services to businesses. With over a decade of experience in delivering hosted websites through a central platform we strongly believe this model delivers a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses to manage their web presence.

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