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Our flagship product is the Rapidfire CMS and CRM. However we offer a suite of online marketing tools that comprise of NewsletterPro, SurveyPro and EventPro. With all our products we also offer full service hosting and email.

Rapidfire CMS and CRM

Rapidfire CMS is a hosted solution for rapidly deploying and easily managing a powerful functional web site. The solution frees up web publishing so that any authorised person can create website content through a browser-based interface.


NewsletterPro - an advanced online newsletter creation tool. NewsletterPro allows you to quickly and efficiently create high impact e-newsletters and email them to your client base. It utilises personalisation techniques so that each client receives a more personal experience.


SurveyPro allows you to easily and effectively create surveys to gather information from your customers and users. Analysis of the survey results can help you make better decisions.


If you are responsible for organising seminars, presentations or workshops and you are looking for ways too streamline the registration process then EventPro will truly help you and your clients. You will have more time to enhance the quality of your seminar and your clients will spend less time actually registering for your seminars.

Website and Email Hosting

To take the hassle out of IT support, software upgrades and email configuration woes we offer full service web hosting and email hosting. Unlike your standard web host our hosting services incorporates the delivery of our core software products. This means by hosting with Geneve Technology you are essentially receiving the Geneve Technology suit of products for free!

Use your own tools

Many content management systems ask you to change how you work. With Rapidfire CMS and CRM, you can use whatever HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you want to. Integrate your code with Rapidfire's CMS and database features - and within a few hours, you'll have a feature and content-rich site.

Make More Money

Rapidfire helps you grow your business by taking on complex tasks with less risk. You'll be able to build content-rich sites without struggling with back-end code or paying an outside programmer.

Get Started Fast

Rapidfire offers all of the strength of WordPress or Drupal with just a fraction of the learning curve. Rapidfire has been built to allow the construction of feature-rich sites quickly. This means you can start reaching out to more clients more quickly through your online presence.

Enjoy Unparalleled Support

We're here to provide you with support calls, emails and on-site support. Never again resort to crawling message boards or begging for help from code gurus. If you can't figure something out, a Rapidfire team member will take you through the solution in real time, step by step.

Worry Less

Because it's a hosted service, you're freed from server issues. You don't have to think about backups or security. You won't have to deal with updates or open source confusion. Never again stress out about security updates, add-on modules, server configs, extensions, backups, or server monitoring. Rapidfire acts as your back-end partner and handles these details and countless more.


"Congratulations! I want to compliment you on the Rapidfire CMS and CRM. This software is absolutely wonderful. In fact, it is so good that I don't want to go back to using Joomla or Drupal or custom crafted CMS. If you ask what the difference is, my answer is that it is easy to use with everything at one's fingertips. Again, the new Rapidfire Version 2.5 is terrific. Keep up the great work." - Robert, Melbourne


"NewsletterPro is a powerful, simple email marketing service that creates the best looking email on the market. Love it!" - Brett, Sydney


"It is really quick and easy to design a professional looking, professional acting survey questionnaire. It's equally quick to give you the results. We're always looking for good value solutions to solve problems across the organization, and SurveyPro is one of those." - Robin, Sydney




Geneve Technology was established in 1998 to deliver high quality hosted content management services to businesses. With over a decade of experience in delivering hosted websites through a central platform we strongly believe this model delivers a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses to manage their web presence.

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